WNY Muslims aspires to provide relief to poverty stricken individual by giving them opportunities for professional networking, upgrading skills and learning good work ethics. Individuals with entrepreneurship skills and aspirations can be redirected to privately owned microfinancing companies.  We are also involved in many food and hunger drives and can also assist in arranging for food, clothing and shelter. WNY Muslims has participated and organized several food drives, clothes drives and special drives for the month of ramadan such as the Blanket/ Winter Drive, Project Ramadan, Shoe Thief and Boot Drive, and many other summer services. WNY Muslims efforts in Viva Winter Drive have also  been recognized in Media.

This is a special program that is designed to give career development opportunities to alleviate the risk of poverty for individuals.  . In collaborated efforts, WNY Muslims have covered poverty affected areas through out Western New York.  Zakat funds are also available for deserving individuals to provide them with resources they require. We also collaborate with other local muslim organizations to organize zakat fund. Zakat is an obligatory payment that Muslims make annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious purposes.  Anti-Poverty Relief Forms are available online so that people who are in need can fill these forms and once processed the supplies can be picked up at our location. If they are facing food deprivation, they can fill our Food Relief Form and if they require clothing they can fill our Clothing Relief Form. Identities of the people applying and requiring assistance will be kept confidential.