Chaand Raat Event Coverage

BUFFALO, NY  - On May 02, 2022, WNYMuslims celebrated its' annual event, Chand Raat. It is a pre-Eid tradition for many families and WNYMuslims celebrates it as an event.

The event started after Iftar at the Desi Dhaba (Formerly Mr. Dees) restaurant, and we can proudly say that the Chand Raat festivities were an undeniable success. Music and laughter rang through the air; the scents of Eastern culinary delicacies mingled so invitingly that even those who had just eaten Iftar, fast breaking meal, couldn’t help but have a taste. 

The main aim of this event is to promote local private businesses like jewelry, ethnic clothes, food, etc., and undoubtedly it proved to be a lucrative opportunity for them. Keeping with tradition, there were also a number of henna artists present, and women were able to get their hands decorated with the customary intricate designs while their kids were engaged in other activities.

The event was so popular that the banquet hall remained packed for its entire duration. It is no surprise that the annual event continues to be widely attended year after year: it is an excellent opportunity for families to kick off Eid with the community, and it has the added bonus of providing services to help them prepare for the festivities the next day.