Eid Carnival, EC200, and Pakistan’s Independence Day Celebrations

On August 15, 2021, WNYMuslims is having an event to celebrate the festivities of the Muslim’s religious festival Eid-ul-Adha, EC200, and the Independence Day of Pakistan at the Island Park, Williamsville, for the community of WNY. We have been celebrating Eid Carnival for the past several years now at MLK Park, Buffalo, on the demand of the residents of Amherst and Williamsville we are switching the venue to Island Park. In order to honor the exemplary public service of Erie County for the past two centuries, we are also incorporating the Bicentennial celebrations of the county (EC200) into our event. As we strongly believe in promoting diversity and having a diversified community, so for the first time we are combining the celebrations of Eid-ul-Adha and Pakistan’s Independence Day. Most of our attendees are South Asians but the event is open for all ethnicities and backgrounds, for which we are collaborating with Pakistan American Research & Information Center (PARIC).
The objective of the event is to promote local businesses along with the provision of light entertainment.
The event will have activities for people of all ages like:

  1. Speeches by the organizers and by the attendees/politicians.
  2. Small presentation in the honor of EC200.
  3. Live Music and singing
  4. Food vendors
  5. Clothing, jewelry, and other vendors
  6. Henna artists
  7. Event-related speeches,
  8. Prize based quizzes and other competitions
  9. Bounce houses
  10. Ice cream man
  11. Children’s fashion show
  12. Lucky draw & much more.

Please get yourself register by clicking on the embedded link or by scanning the QR code:

Please register for FREE to participate in our prize-based Talent Show, Lucky Draw, Fashion & Costume Show.

WNYMuslims, is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) community organization, established in 2005 in Buffalo, NY with an aim to serve the WNY Community by creating awareness, encouraging diversity, and providing service without any solo community focus. The above-mentioned event is a step forward towards our mission. We have launched many successful projects in the past such as Studio Kalam, The International Collective Film Festival along with our interfaith collaborations; Salam-Shalom Conversations (Jewish) and Know Thy Neighbor (Christian) in conjunction with various donation drives for the needy. We have organized various annual events such as Global Hijab Day, Diversity Cruise, Roses of the Prophets, Chaand Raat, Eid Carnival, Community Picnics, and many more, which are quite popular in the vicinity of WNY.