WNYMuslims Demands Investigation

WNYMuslims Demands Invest...

WNYMuslims Demands Investigation into Overuse of Force by the Police

In Western New York, the University at Buffalo (UB) and SUNY Buffalo State College witnessed powerful pro-Palestine protests, joining the chorus of voices demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and divesting from Israel. Despite facing obstacles, including arrests, and the overuse of force by the police, the spirit of resilience and peace prevailed among the protesters. Injured protesters were brought to the Emergency Department of Millard Fillmore last night.

WNY Muslims demand an investigation into the overuse of force by the police.
The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has been worsening and over 30,000 Palestinians are killed, one-third among them women, children, and the elderly. Little over two million people in Gaza face famine conditions and suffer in rubbles of buildings and war wreckage. In the wake of the lack of leadership by the US government, elected officials, and world leaders, campuses across the United States have become the epicenter of impassioned protests, echoing the cries for justice and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The relentless six-month-long Israeli offensive in Gaza, triggered by an initial attack on southern Israel by Hamas, has ignited a wave of activism, drawing attention to the plight of Palestinians and the urgency for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

At Columbia University and City College of New York, over 100 protesters, predominantly students, were arrested as they voiced their dissent against Israel's actions. The crackdown on dissent, characterized by arrests and the dispersal of protesters, highlights the growing frustration and determination among the youth to challenge injustice and lack of transparency in institutional investments in repressive regimes and states, including Israel.

From Columbia, City University, Yale to Brown, UNC-Chapel Hill to Florida State University, to University at Buffalo and Buffalo State University, students are mobilizing, raising their voices against blatant injustice and demanding accountability. While some administrations have chosen to suppress dissent by clearing encampments, others have grappled with the complexities of balancing free speech rights with maintaining order on campus.

WNY Muslims stand with all those advocating for peace, justice, dignity, and human rights for Palestinians. We urge the authorities in the U.S. to demonstrate restraint and let the citizens of this free country express their views as guaranteed to them by our constitution. We urge our leaders to intervene for the sake of humanity and help Palestinians acquire a homeland where they can live with dignity and peace along with the State of Israel.

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