A business network of energetic professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, dedicated to serve the community members by creating and sharing opportunities for entrepreneurial and professional advancement.

It includes collecting, sharing and enterprising opportunities for the members.

It provides access to accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs of mentorship and career advancement for the struggling individuals of the community.

It facilitates professional enrichment and entrepreneurial synergy by providing a platform, which is diverse in skills and resources.

It fosters professional and business development coupled with integrity and self-confidence.

It promotes an environment of inclusive and dignified prosperity.

Our Volunteer jobs & internships are not only associated with community work but also offer opportunities to polish marketing, writing, graphic designing and social skills to build experience, and fulfill academic credits and service-learning requirements. We specialize in a variety of fields, including public relations, marketing, graphic design, media production, and journalism.

Interested candidates please:

Email us, call (716) 923-4386