My name is Fadi Suboh and I have been a member of WNYMuslims since the year 2012. I would like to provide the following elaborations and reflections on my experiences with WNYmuslims for the Testimonial page: First of all, I am thankful for WNYmuslims to give me the opportunity to write about them. It’s such an Honor to represent WNYmuslims and talk about my experiences with them. My impression of WNYmuslims is honestly indescribable. Truly, I can’t thank them enough for their Voluntary work ethic. WNYmuslims has been a wonderful Non-profit Organization that mainly serves the surrounding communities by empowering Muslims & non-Muslims with the means and capabilities to voice, connect, and contribute positively through creative forms of media. Through my experiences with WNYmuslims, I realized that the rich embodiment of WNYmuslims includes three essential core values known as: 1- ) Awareness: Spreading an understanding of the religion Islam by using various forms of media. 2- ) Diversity: Enlightening WNY of the diverse and religious traditions and customs of Muslims to overcome stereotypes and prejudices. 3- ) Service: Providing service that benefits the community in so many angles. Furthermore, on a personal note, WNYmuslims have increased my interests and made me a better person than the person I was before. My goal before leaving Dunia is to touch enough people’s hearts to be remembered. I wanted to point out two major themes that WNYmuslims community has devoted their time and efforts for making them a huge mark in the history of America: 1) The “NO APOLOGY” film production. 2) The Importance for Muslims to have a voice. In the film, Muslims condemn the media for “making it a matter of religion when it comes to acts committed by a Muslim, but a matter of mental disease when it comes to acts committed by a non-Muslim”. The speakers accuse the media of “focusing on religion and ethnicity rather than a crime alone”. Alternatively, the film is in response to the constant negative portrayal of Muslims in the media. Many students from the University At Buffalo (UB) had participated in the film because they felt it was extremely necessary to speak out on the hateful stereotypes hence the film provided a driving force for young Muslims to speak out about the discriminations and stereotypes they feel are exacerbated by the media and the ones they have ran through in their time of life. The delivering point here is that in the media, what usually happens is that generally crimes committed by a non-Muslim are attributed to mental disease and craziness with no mention of the individual’s religious affiliation, while crimes committed by a Muslim are associated with religion and ethnicity. I am a Muslim and my Religion is Islam, a peaceful religion. There is no religion on earth that tells one to go do crimes and such. The action of labeling ISLAM and MUSLIMS in criminal actions that are done by individuals needs to stop immediately! In my opinion, I think it’s important for Muslims to have a voice because Diverse Muslim Voices builds awareness and understanding in the country of the range of Muslim societies and cultures. Advancing and supporting the mission of WNYmuslims will help to raise Awareness, Diversity, and Service.

Fadi Suboh, Community Volunteer

Salam, I really appreciate the wisdom and logic behind this page and would like to thank and appreciate you guys for that. Its really important that we should be out there in the media a lot more, not only educating ourselves but also to non Muslims and public in general. Please keep up the good work. Salam Alikum

Umair Kamran Icmap, Community Member

I really enjoy receiving your newsletter and your efforts to educate and build bridges with the Western New York Community. I have in many ways been enriched by my association with the Muslim Community.

Sister Mary Christelle Sawicki., Community Member

When WNY Muslims’ website launched, we were the first non-Muslim-owned business to be a corporate sponsor of the effort… We returned at the end of 2013 and discovered a vibrant online community; a demographic that we wished to reach; re-introduce ourselves and introduce ourselves. My travels throughout the Muslim world impact my marketing decisions- the lesson being there are always opportunities to learn about others… and have others learn about us.

John S. Kavulich, President of Niagara Hobby

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