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Conflict in Palestine/Isr...

Buffalo, NY — November 16th, 2023 — WNYMuslims is grievingly concerned about the latent loss of human lives in the Gaza Strip and Israel. As a community organization that has been serving the Western New York region for over a decade, WNYMuslims is dedicated to promoting peace and acceptance through awareness, fostering diversity, and providing service. We condemn violence, oppression, & terrorism in all forms. We denounce the actions of the warring parties for the disregard for human lives and the well-being of innocent children, patients, women, and other civilians.

WNYMuslims urges all parties to CEASEFIRE IMMEDIATELY!

Over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed 4,100 of them children (averaging 100 children daily). Earlier, Hammas’ attack killed 1400 Israelis and took 239 hostages.  Approximately 20,000 Palestinians were injured and 6,900 Israelis.  There is almost no water, food, fuel, or medicine for the residents of Gaza. The supplies are cut off. Hospitals, schools, and shelters are getting bombed. The harrowing reality is that innocent civilians, including women and the most vulnerable among us, children, are living in fear, and being killed due to circumstances that are beyond their control.

The urgency of humanitarian rescue is paramount to all those affected by the ravages of this war. Pauses in war are not the solution, ceasefire is. The world community has had enough of this murderous madness. The ceasefire will be the first step towards stability that may facilitate a feasible solution. We are advocating for an equitable resolution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Western New York Muslims Inc. Is urgently calling upon United States officials to initiate an immediate ceasefire, urging all involved parties to halt hostilities. It is imperative for the sake of humanity to press for peace and diplomacy to prevent further escalation.

WNYMuslims demands a resolution that upholds the rights and dignity of all people in the region & all over the world.

It is in this spirit, that WNY Muslims join hands with diverse organizations for the rally on Saturday, November 18, 2023, for Ceasefire in Gaza.

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About Western New York Muslims Inc. 

Western New York Muslims Inc. is a non-profit Muslim organization based in Buffalo, New York, dedicated to promoting awareness, providing service, fostering diversity, and promoting peace within the community. With a decade of service, the organization is committed to building bridges of understanding and cooperation among diverse communities while upholding the values of compassion, justice, and respect.