World Hijab Day 2023

World Hijab Day 2023

On Saturday, February 4th, 2023 WNYMuslims, one more time, contributed to the celebrations of the annual World Hijab Day by inviting the community members to experience Hijab, the head covering worn by Muslim women. 

Gatherings to raise awareness about hijab were held all over the world and in WNY WNYMuslims celebrated the true spirit of the Hijab at the Walden Galleria Mall, where tables were set up with hijabs on display to try on, and selfie booths were placed along with other activities related to hijab awareness, for which we got an overwhelming response by the community as people enthusiastically participated in the Hijab Day activities. 

We would like to thank the community for their astounding acknowledgment who made our event successful. We would like to thank the community of WNY, especially our volunteers, without their help the event wouldn’t have been possible. we highly appreciate their amazing response in support of the annual World Hijab Day We would also like to thank Prof. Faizan Haq, Founder of WNYMuslims for his consistent devotion and dedication towards community building, it’s all because of his efforts that WNYMuslims is able to stand firm for so many years in WNY.

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