TEDx Talk on Overcoming Anxiety with Massoma Alam

TEDx Talk on Overcoming A...

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Massoma Alam

"Take Your Lunch Break Article"

I am a Pakistani Muslim trying to break the mental health stigma and normalize talking about our mental health.

I had severe anxiety for nine years and tried everything I could to overcome it, which I speak about in my TEDx Talk: “Go Spaghetti: Overcoming Anxiety” (which you can find on YouTube). What I couldn’t fit into my talk I put in my book. This book is a compilation of years of research and tried and tested methods that helped me and many others overcome the worst parts of anxiety and stress. 

I am an Industrial & Organizational psychologist, motivational speaker, advocate for those with anxiety and a mother. I have two beautiful children, a three-year-old boy and a one-year old daughter!

Take Your Lunch Break: Helpful Tips for Relieving Work-Related Stress contains my personal story of how anxiety almost cost me my job and mental health, plus tons of research and original interviews with mental health professionals and high-performing leaders. Topics in my book include: dealing with deadlines, bosses, burnout, coworker tensions, habits, goal setting, diet, and exercise. I took the best of what’s out there in the self and professional development world combined with my own expertise to bring one resource for you. A one stop shop if you will for everything on how to live your best life. 

In all those sleepless nights, moments of paralyzing anxiety, darkness that surrounded me, if I could go back and time and give myself this book, I know that it would have been a rope to mental and emotional freedom. I'm doing this for all the other Massoma's out there in the world, the ones who are still battling with crippling thoughts of either their work, their mental health, or their self-image. This book is for them. Because they don't need to suffer anymore.

As a South Asian I always kept my struggles quiet and suffered in silence, one of the reasons I wrote this book was to give a voice to those who are afraid to speak up. I want to be able to inspire and give hope to people. I would love the support of this amazing community if you could please order my book and write a thoughtful review on Amazon that would help me tremendously!

TEDx Talk on overcoming anxiety click here for video.

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